The Thermal Club


Top tier race cars get top tier racetrack with Cement Stabilization.

Located in the shadow of the Santa Rosa Mountains, half an hour east of Palm Springs, is just over 5 miles of one of the finest racing circuits in the world, The Thermal Club. This Alan Wilson designed course is a private playground for some of the wealthiest race car enthusiasts, and features dramatic changes in character, speed, and elevation, along with stunning desert landscape views.

What is unique to this track is that the asphalt pavements are paved on top of cement stabilized soils instead of aggregate base, courtesy of Pavement Recycling Systems.

Chemical stabilization of inherently weak or expansive subgrade soils with Portland Cement, or HighCalcium Quicklime is an economically and environmentally beneficial alternative to removal of these soils and subsequent import of aggregatebase and/or geotextile fabrics. In addition, the treated soils will have better structural values than a Class II aggregate base, as well as be a weatherproofed stabilized section, that will not be compromised by water infiltration from above or below.

This strengthening of soils/ materials in-place has been used for many years by public works agencies and private owners throughout the U.S. to save money, time, and minimize disruptions to the community, while garnering significant environmental benefits in reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy usage, and conservation of nonrenewable aggregate, oil, and energy resources.

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