Radiography Technician

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Job Description:
As a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Radiography Technician for PRS you will be in the field servicing clients in commercial construction, civic, engineering and residential sectors. This position performs GPR, Standard Utility Locating (SUL) and X-Ray scans, has contact with customers, writes detailed reports and delivers findings to customers in person. Job also includes concrete markup and other associated field activities.

If you are a GPR tech and are willing to learn x-ray assistance duties or you are an IRRSP Industrial Radiographer willing to learn GPR you are a candidate. Experience in construction or the geophysical, aerospace environments encouraged.

Candidate must be a self-starter, creative field problem solver and have an excellent attitude and work ethic.

Training required and may take from 6-20 weeks depending on past experience.

Candidate must be able to create written reports in Word, PowerPoint or RADAN 7 Software and be able deliver content to clients in an “easy to understand” manner.

· Attention to detail. Do you double-check your work? Or keep checking until you can give your best answer?
· Stamina to stand, walk, sit, run, drive for a 13 hr day
· Commitment to personal safety and that of others and a willingness to speak up.
· Easy going and positive attitude (field conditions often change)
· Ability to deal with constantly changing environments
· Basic knowledge of hand tools and care of tools
· Responsible with expensive equipment
· Capable of organizing and maintaining tidy workspace
· Know how to be efficient by doing the least amount of work, while doing everything that is required correctly.
· Ability to know and express limits in the field to customers
· Good lifting mechanics (50 lbs or more)
· Willing to change the way you do something to do it the company way
· Data tracking and emailing
· Ability to listen to what someone is saying and understand what they are asking and respond while also evaluating how well they understand you (Communication is key!)
· Sense of Humor
· Are you dedicated to getting it right?
· If someone shows you something, will you practice until you can do it correctly?
· Willingness to jump in and lend a hand. How good are you at anticipating needs?
· High School Diploma.
· Motivated self-starter
· Strong time management skills required
· Requirement to pass a pre-employment drug screen
· Must be able to pass a pre-employment background record check
· Must possess a valid driver’s license and have a good driving history
· Must be available to work days, nights, weekends and travel out of town if necessary
· Must have reliable transportation
· Candidate must be safety focused
· Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite Products (Excel, Word, Office, etc)

· BS/Masters (or in progress) in Engineering, Geology, Environmental Science or Archeology.
· Strong Technical Aptitude
· Experience with GPR, concrete scanning, utility location and/or general construction.
· Sales or Customer Service Background a plus
· IRRSP/State Radiographer Card Holder via ASNT
· 40-hour (RAD) Radiation Safety Course
· Proficient with Microsoft Products (Excel, Word, Office, etc)

DAY TO DAY OPS examples can be sent upon request and are discussed in interview process.

This role routinely uses various industrial equipment such as digital x-ray tubes, ground penetrating radar, radio detection units, scissor lifts and boom lifts. The employee must be comfortable in an industrial environment as well as in a confined space and comfortable with various heights & lifts.


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