Month: August 2017

WATCH: Chula Vista FDR

The benefits and highlights of Full Depth Reclamation in Chula Vista, CA.

2017 Outstanding Local Streets & Road Awards

Salton City Roadways project for Imperial County receives top honors at the 2017 Local Streets and Roads Awards sponsored by CSAC, League of California Cities, and CEAC. The project consisted of the sustainable strategies of Cold Central Plant Recycling (CCPR) and Soil Stabilization. The County of Imperial is committed to improving the overall quality of… Read more »

Orange Coast College: Planetarium Building Project

Cement stabilization of wet unsuitable soils saves Orange Coast College time and money. Wet and unstable subgrade soils encountered during excavation of the building pad foundation were unsuitable for use as structural fill due to the inability to compact the soils to the project’s specified density requirement…severely impacting the project’s budget and construction schedule. Removal… Read more »

The Thermal Club

Top tier race cars get top tier racetrack with Cement Stabilization. Located in the shadow of the Santa Rosa Mountains, half an hour east of Palm Springs, is just over 5 miles of one of the finest racing circuits in the world, The Thermal Club. This Alan Wilson designed course is a private playground for… Read more »

Winterization and Dry-ups

Dry Up Your Site and Get Back on Schedule Cement or Lime Stabilization Gets You Back to Work Cement or Lime Stabilization of soils can do the following for you: Dry up your projects and weatherproof them against rainy weather Provide weatherproof fire access roads with structural values that will support the weight of the… Read more »

County of Orange: Sustainable Pavements Workshop

James Emerson, Business Development, presents at the County of Orange Sustainable Pavements Workshop on July 28, 2016. James spoke on the Asphalt Recycling and RAP Management, while Marco A. Estrada covered Soil Stabilization and Full-Depth Reclamation. The education-based presentations highlighted the structural and economic benefits, as well as the reduced environmental and community impacts resulting… Read more »

The Willowbrook Community Road Improvement Project

Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc. installs cold central plant recycled asphalt concrete pavement over cement stabilized pulverized base on Willowbrook Community road improvement project. The Willowbrook Community Road Improvement Project recently received the Overall Winner Award from the Outstanding Local Streets and Roads Awards Program sponsored by California State Association of Counties, League of California Cities,… Read more »

It’s a “RAP”: Los Angeles County makes the best of what it’s already got

Reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) has rapidly become a dependable means of resurrecting roadways in the state of California. As Greg Kelley, assistant deputy director for the Geotechnical and Materials Engineering Division of Los Angeles County, told ROADS & BRIDGES, “Every agency should consider the existing pavement materials including asphalt, base and soil as a potential… Read more »

PRS Utilizes Cold Central Plant Recycling for the City of Glendale

If you have spent any time in Glendale, you know just how busy Central Avenue can be. It is a four-lane major arterial street running through the business district that maintains an average daily traffic volume of 43,000 vehicles per day. When a slightly more than one-mile strip of roadway like this needs to be… Read more »

Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR) Del Amo Boulevard Project

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works is committed to preserving and improving the overall quality of local streets and road system in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way. The Del Amo Boulevard project is just one example of how Public Works has embraced this commitment. Public Works has encompassed a greener, cost-effective… Read more »