2017 Outstanding Local Streets & Road Awards


Salton City Roadways project for Imperial County receives top honors at the 2017 Local Streets and Roads Awards sponsored by CSAC, League of California Cities, and CEAC. The project consisted of the sustainable strategies of Cold Central Plant Recycling (CCPR) and Soil Stabilization.

The County of Imperial is committed to improving the overall quality of its road system in the most cost-effective, environmentally beneficial and safest manner.

In keeping with the county, commitment, the Salton City Roadways project employed a sustainable engineering approach that strengthens or recycles existing on-site materials instead of the more costly and more environmentally detrimental remove and replace construction method.

Utilizing Caltrans methodology and designing with gravel equivalency/gravel factors, existing asphalt and base/subgrade materials were recycled and strengthened on-site. The project featured cement stabilization of the subgrades to provide a stabilized base section for pavement application. Existing asphalt was recycled using cold central plant recycling (CCPR) to create a newly paved base course asphalt section, which was subsequently capped with thinner hot mix asphalt (HMA) overlay.

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