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Environmentally sound solutions for all phases of the pavement life curve.

Pavement Recycling

PRS Products for Every Stage of the Pavement Life Curve

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Pavement Recycling Systems (PRS) offers a full range of solutions from early-stage preservation, to mid-life renewal, to end-of-lifecycle reclamation. We improve performance while reducing both cost and environmental impact.

Recycling. Reclamation. Preservation.

Pavement Recycling Systems is committed to the belief that recycling is the best long-term solution to the pavement portion of our nation's infrastructure challenges.

Our approach is to increase return on infrastructure investment by preserving resources and reducing environmental impact. We apply advanced technologies to improve performance at reduced cost. PRS makes recycling a win-win proposition for you and for the environment.

PRS Disciplines: Full-spectrum Integration

The only company of its kind in California, PRS takes an integrated approach to pavement preservation, restoration and construction. Even if you only come to us for one type of application, it pays to work with a company that has a full spectrum of capabilities and resources. PRS value-engineering and consulting leverages the collective expertise of the company as a whole, giving you the most effective solution for every project.