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WATCH: Chula Vista FDR

The benefits and highlights of Full Depth Reclamation in Chula Vista, CA.

Salton City Roadworks

2017 Outstanding Local Streets & Road Awards

Salton City Roadways project for Imperial County receives top honors at the 2017 Local Streets and Roads Awards sponsored by CSAC, League of California Cities, and CEAC. The project consisted of the sustainable strategies of Cold Central Plant Recycling (CCPR) and Soil Stabilization. Read more...

Planetarium Project

Orange Coast College: Planetarium Building Project

Cement stabilization of wet unsuitable soils saves Orange Coast College time and money. Read more...

Cement Stabilization

The Thermal Club

Top tier race cars get top tier racetrack with Cement Stabilization. Read more...

Drying Out Worksite

Winterization and Dry-ups

Cement or Lime Stabilization gets you back to work. Dry up your site and get back on schedule. Read more...

County of Orange: Sustainable Pavements Workshop

County of Orange: Sustainable Pavements Workshop

James Emerson, Business Development, presents at the County of Orange Sustainable Pavements Workshop on July 28, 2016. James spoke on the Asphalt Recycling and RAP Management, while Marco A. Estrada covered Soil Stabilization and Full-Depth Reclamation. The education-based presentations highlighted the structural and economic benefits, as well as the reduced environmental and community impacts resulting from the implementation of Sustainable Engineering Technologies on Public Works projects. Read more...

Willowbrook Community recycled asphalt

The Willowbrook Community Road Improvement Project

Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc. installs cold central plant recycled asphalt concrete pavement over cement stabilized pulverized base on Willowbrook Community road improvement project. The Willowbrook Community Road Improvement Project recently received the Overall Winner Award from the Outstanding Local Streets and Roads Awards Program sponsored by California State Association of Counties, League of California Cities, and the County Engineers Association of California. Read more...

Los Angeles County

It's a "RAP": Los Angeles County makes the best of what it's already got

Reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) has rapidly become a dependable means of resurrecting roadways in the state of California. As Greg Kelley, assistant deputy director for the Geotechnical and Materials Engineering Division of Los Angeles County, told ROADS & BRIDGES, "Every agency should consider the existing pavement materials including asphalt, base and soil as a potential resource for roadway reconstruction." Read more...

City of Glendale

PRS Utilizes Cold Central Plant Recycling for the City of Glendale

If you have spent any time in Glendale, you know just how busy Central Avenue can be. It is a four-lane major arterial street running through the business district that maintains an average daily traffic volume of 43,000 vehicles per day. When a slightly more than one-mile strip of roadway like this needs to be repaved, you better be prepared. This major arterial street had been planned for widening to support the Americana on Brand and the Glendale Galleria. Plans to add bike lanes had also been noted for several years. Read more...

Del Amo Boulevard Project

Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR) Del Amo Boulevard Project

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works is committed to preserving and improving the overall quality of local streets and road system in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way. The Del Amo Boulevard project is just one example of how Public Works has embraced this commitment.

Public Works has encompassed a greener, cost-effective three prong sustainable approach in maintaining its road network. This approach incorporates principles that (1) take care of roads that are in good condition, first; (2) use recycled materials in the pavement treatment selections; and (3) re-utilize the existing materials in-place. Read more...

San Diego Airport

The Green Build At San Diego International Airport

On the northeast edge of San Diego International Airport, years of heavy truck and air cargo deliveries had taken their toll on the West Washington Street roadway. So as part of the Green Build project, the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority hired a soil engineering consultant to analyze the weakened roadbed. That firm, Kleinfelder Inc., performed a pavement evaluation to determine a pavement rehabilitation strategy that would meet the long-term performance requirements of the roadway, while considering the project budget and logistics. Read more...

Los Angeles County uses cold in-place
recycling to repair national forest highway

Natural preservation: Los Angeles County uses cold in-place recycling to repair national forest highway

All roads lead to somewhere—even if they appear to be in the middle of nowhere. Such is the case with the Angeles Forest Highway, which winds 25 miles through the Angeles National Forest north of Los Angeles. Mountainous and forested, the region is a popular spot for motorcycles, sports cars and other sports enthusiasts. Read more...

Micro milling

"Micro Milling": The Finer Side of Milling meets Pavement Preservation

Micro milling is providing an innovative way for contractors and agencies to rehabilitate asphalt pavements. Micro-milling uses a milling drum with more teeth and a tighter lacing pattern to create a smoother surface than the traditional milling process. This smoother surface can be opened to traffic with no further treatment. Micro-milling also provides a better bonding surface for overlays and more recently, thin surface treatments for Pavement Preservation such as Micro Surface, RAP Slurries, Chip and Cape Seals. Now you can get the improved profile, ride ability and the economic benefit of a low cost surface. Read more...

Quartz Hill

Los Angeles County "Green Value Engineering" with the PRSI team

H&H Construction of Highland, CA is the general contractor on the 50th Street West storm drain project in the community of Quartz Hill outside of Palmdale, CA. The multiple-phased project entails installation of storm drain pipeline down the center of the 25 year old roadway and repaving for the length of the project.


TLG Paving Company and Pavement Recycling Systems on the Boeing Lot C Project

Traditionally, the City of Palm Desert has repaired failing sections of asphalt TLG Paving Company was recently awarded the contract for the Boeing Parking Lot C Project in Huntington Beach, California. The job began in November of 2011 and was recently completed on January 18, 2012. Boeing is the world's leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined. Their Huntington Beach site serves as a premier design and development center for Boeing Integrated Defense Systems and Phantom Works, the Boeing advanced research-and-development unit. Boeing officials contracted TLG Paving Company to repave Lot C at their Huntington Beach facility. Read more...

Palm Desert

City of Palm Desert Utilizes Cold Central Plant Asphalt Recycling on Citywide Resurfacing

Traditionally, the City of Palm Desert has repaired failing sections of asphalt pavement with localized repairs and a thin 1.5" – 2" hot mix overlay. On some streets the City used paving fabric. Although this method kept roads drivable and costs at bay for a period of time, it became apparent that the 30 to 40 year old street sections were deteriorating faster, while the cost of hot mix overlay had increased to approximately $2.50/sq. ft. Read more...

Chula Vista's First Full Depth Reclamation Project

Chula Vista's First Full Depth Reclamation Project Provides Positive Results, and Convinces Skeptics Wary of Trying New Process

Recently the City of Chula Vista specified Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) for their 2nd Ave. street reconstruction project. This was the city's first time in implementing one of the cost effective, non-proprietary recycling processes for asphalt pavements. Jose Gomez the engineer in charge of paving for the city, did his homework on the process, and with the result of good planning, communication and coordination, provided the city with a street reconstruction that provided the following benefits. Read more...


Public Works Officials Warm Up to Cold in-Place Asphalt Recycling

When it comes to battling global warming, any technique with "cold" and "recycling" in its name is bound to be beneficial. So when MTC teamed up with the city of Napa to stage a demonstration of "cold in-place recycling" of asphalt pavement in mid-October, Bay Area public works officials were all ears.


Napa hosts 'Cold In-place' recycling demonstration

The city of Napa hopes to pave the way for Northern California when it comes to green paving techniques.

On Thursday, the city held an on-site workshop for public works directors, council members and other decision makers from cities and towns throughout the Bay Area to show them an innovative way to lay asphalt on Golden Gate and Freeway drives in southwest Napa. Read more...

Passing an Audition: Beverly Hills welcomes CIR following
                    a successful job

Passing an Audition: Beverly Hills welcomes CIR following a successful job

Hollywood will forever be Beverly Hills' claim to fame, but cold in-place recycling (CIR) has quickly developed a fan base in the affluent southern California city following a street-resurfacing project. The first attempt at CIR involved Canon Drive, Beverly Drive, Crescent Drive and Lomitas Avenue and saved the movie-star home base close to $1.5 million when compared to remove and replace - and money was almost an afterthought. Read more...