The Company

The Company

Sustainable Pavement Solutions That Are Good for Business and Good for the Environment

Pavement Recycling Systems (PRS) has developed and proven recycling and renewal strategies that equal or outperform brand new materials, at a lower cost. We improve performance and reduce cost, while conserving resources and reducing carbon footprint.

Environmentally Sound Solutions

Pavement preservation

Pavement Preservation

Our pavement preservation systems include slurries made with recycled materials and 100% RAP, by our delivered Pavement Coatings team.

Pavement renewal

Asphalt Recycling

Our Asphalt Recycling team has improved the state-of-the-art for pavement renewal techniques such as Cold In-place Recycling.

Pavement Restructuring

Full Depth Reclamation (FDR)

PRS Full-Depth Reclamation (FDR) has become a viable alternative to new construction.

Stabilization Solutions

Soil Stabilization Solutions

Our soil strengthening strategies convert in-place soils into structural foundations for pavement and building, eliminating costly import-export.

Cold Milling

Cold Milling

We provide cold planning and related services such as in-place pulverization, producing recyclable asphalt.

Reclaimed Aggregates

Reclaimed Aggregates

We process used material to produce consistent quality recycled aggregate for construction as well as for our own RAP slurries.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Pavement Recycling Systems is committed to the belief that sustainable pavement development is the best long-term solution to the pavement portion of our nation's infrastructure challenges.

If you have a pavement issue, talk to us.

We offer a full range of environmentally sound solutions for all stages of the pavement lifecycle: pavement preservation, renewal, rehabilitation and construction. No other firm in California offers the spectrum of services that we do. In a fragmented industry where firms will specialize in one or two processes, Pavement Recycling Systems has become the region's only integrated provider through internal development.


Our founding principle is to increase return on the original infrastructure investment by using what's already there, instead of replacing it. Through extensive R&D, we have found better ways to improve and use in-situ materials. The result is the preservation of scarce resources, from asphalt to energy.

Our processes reduce cost, energy use and carbon footprint as shown in the environmental impact comparison below, which illustrates the materials and energy consumed by new construction (including new base) versus Full-Depth Reclamation. This illustrates an actual case: the reconstruction of Long Beach Airport runways.

Energy Use Chart